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Bijlage 5

Statement to inquirers about the present status of the rules governing plant patents.

Practlce governing the filing of applications for patents under the plant patent act have not been completed, but applications will be accepted for any plant which is believed to be patentable under the new law. The fees will be the same as for mechanical patents.

in At r? an apphcation for a plant patent the specification should be in duplicate and the drawing also, where colors are involved. Color drawings

o^oiï rol^ Wh" V Whatman p?per (°r eclual) in permanent water or oil colors. Where color is not a vanation upon which the plant deoends

raL nn?atenta y ^ ,draf lnS maY be filed in black and white, in which thP HrW C°5y ° drawwS will be necessary. The reason for filing to haw th specifications in duplicate is that it may be necessary

f- pertf I,n the Department of Agriculture pass upon the

office woufdaLt° W ^£r ?,r not.the variety is new, and in such cases the office would not care to allow the onginal application to pass out of its

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of "cialm°rm °f daim USed in plant Patents is substantially the design form


al Information concerning Patents", brochure door het Fatent Office verspreid, gedateerd April 1933).