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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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Too couche not mounting of mayster vanquijher hoatfpur. But we, by croffe paffadge from flamed countrye remoued, Thee pryde of a jtripling and ymp of wrathful Achilles Haue borne with thraldoom, with fharp captiuitye fetterd,

340 Hee to fyne Hermionee, for Greeks a bootye to peereleffe, Daughter too Queene Helen, faft and hoat phantafye bended. Me his nyefe to his feruaunt Helenus ful firmelye betroathed. But yeet vnexfpected with ialofye kendled Oreftes For los of his beadmate, dyd take too tardye my mayfter

345 Hym by his fyers altars killing with fkarboro warning. When fro Neoptolemus thee vital jpirit abated This part was to Helenus by wylled parcerye lotted: Chaönian countreys of Troian Chaön ycleaped: This towne Troy citty, this castél eke Won highting.

350 But to the what paffadge thee winds and fortun alotted? Or what great deity tojt thee to our dejolat angel? How faers Afcanius? doth he liue, and breathful abydeth? Whom to the now Troytowne.

Dooth the los of moother to the chielde bring jorreful anguifh?

355 Are fparcks of courradge in this yong progeny kendled J3y father Mneas, with his vncle martial Hector?

Theefe toyes fhee pratled mourning, griefs newlye refrefhing Thee whilft king Helenus, with a crowding coompanye garded, From towne to vs bufkling vs as his freends freendlye bewelcomd.

360 Vs to his new citty with curtefye cheereful he leadeth; With tears rief trickling faucing eeche queftion afked, I march on forward: and yoong Troy finelye refembling Thee big huge old monument, and new brooke Zanthus I knowledge. With the petit townegats fauoring thee principal old portes.

365 Alfo mye companions in country cittye be frollickt:

In toe the verye palaice thee Prince theym wholye receaueth. With whip cat bowling they kept a myrry caroufing, Thee goulden mazurs vp fkynckt for a bon viage hoyfing. There we dyd al foiourne two dayes: then a profperus hizling

370 Of fouth blaft, puffing on fayles dooth fummon vs onward.

Too thee Princely prophet thus I spake, hym freendlye requefting.

O facred Troian, thee light of mifterye darckned, Of Gods thee fpooksmate, thee truchman of holtod Apollo: By the God enftructed by ftars for to ominat eeche thing,

375 By flight and chirping byrds too prognofticat aptlye:

Poure foorth thy prophecy (for too mee profperus hazards Eeche found relligion foretold, mee to Italye pojting, Only on difpleafaunt foule f hapte byrd, the Harpye Celano