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The booke of the common prayer, 1549

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Velar %. Thorough,

This word occurs in various forms:

1. thro ugh(e, which is the regular form

a) . of the preposition:

through the same our Lorde Jesus Christe. 04617, etc. or adverb if it belongs to a verb: breake throughe 08314 16:

Laye not vppe for youre selues treasure vpö earth, where the rust éc moth doth corrupt, and where theues breake throughe and steale. But Laye vp for you treasures in heauen .... where theues doe not breake throughe nor steale.

b) . in the compound throughout 10621. throughout the whole worlde (reg.).

c) . in the adverb throughly 26008.

2. throwly 36519.

3. thoroughfe

a) . This form occurs in prepositional function:

I walke thorough the volley 07415, thorough Jesus Christ 08216 et pass,

thoroughfe 08216, 08326, 09620, 12522, 17233, 17714, 18105, 19616, 20501, 24306, 24503, 24720, 24906, 25214', 25335, 25431, 29917 (all prep.).

b) . in the compound thoroughout. thoroughout all generacions 09607, 25219'.

4. thorugh, preposition:

thorugh Jesus Christe our Lorde 19703'.

5. thorowe, preposition, sometimes adverb (00325):

thorowe the pathes of the seas 04606'. thorowe our Lorde Jesus Christ 15702 ; 00325, 23625, 34906. Anyway x was mute in this word, so the real forms are only: pru and puru or paru.

-ouXt. There is no direct evidence of the disappearance of # in the group -ou%t, which took place in the 15th c. Jordan § 294. When final, there is no evidence of the change of x to f> but there is evidence of the use of forms derived from the inflected types: dowe 14016 17. Cf. Jordan § 123, 125 Anm.

After au the change of x to ƒ is not shown either. Note the form drougth 08329. OE. had drutgp > drugp (Jordan