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The Achehnese

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D. Dear little brother, I am going to bring thee to Lho' Seumawè, to (the gampöng of) Sawang Keupula.

S. I will not live at Sawang Keupula, for I fear lest the Mahraja (of Llio' Seumawé) may carry me off.

D. If that please thee not, blessed little brother, I shall take thee to the country of Piadah.

S. Brothers, I will not live in the country of Piadah; I will go further off; I will start now.

D. If that please thee not, my heart, go and stay at Jambu Ayé.

S. I will not stop at Jambu Ayé; I fear that I may perish if a flood comes.

D. If that suit thee not, little brother sadati, go yonder to Idi (vuig. Edi) that great mart.

S. I will not live at Idi, brothers; Teuku Nya' 1'aya') is a raja who cannot be trusted.

D. If that will not suit, little brother, my teungku, I shall place thee 011 the island of Sampoë 5) (near Teumiëng, vuig. Tamiang).

S. We can now no longer live on the island by Sampoë; it has been taken by the infidel, the King of Holland.

D. If this please thee not, blessed little brother, teil us whither tliou dost wish to go.

S. My desire, brothers, is to go to Puló Pinang^) that I may indulge my passions in the "long house" 4).

D. Little brother, go not to Pulö Pinang, one requires much money to visit the long house.

S. Trouble not yourselves on the score of money; I can always liold horses and drive for hire.

D. Little brother, if thou dost go and work for hire, it will be a reproach to thine elder brethren.

S. Let me have my wish, brothers, my teungkus; so long as I stay not here, I care not.

D. Do you hear, my masters (this to the audience) how strong in dispute my darling here is?

S. Do your hear, my masters? I am said to be strong in dispute.

1) This was a chief subject to Teungku di Bukét, as to vvhom see Vol. I, p. 156.

2) This island formed part of the sphere of influence of the well-known Tuanku Asém (ob. 1897), the guardian of the young pretender to the sultanate.

3) Pinang represents for the Achehnese "the world" in all its aspects both good and evil.

4) Mal. rumah panjang = house of ill-fame. (Translator)