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he wouldn't be always silent and miserable. Hugh had so long been lonely in his company that he could not miss him now, in this new, exciting life: he let him slip from his mind. But Mother seemed curiously near him, and he found himself happily dwelling on thoughts of her. Not the old, cruel thoughts of Mother who had died; the thoughts he had had to choke back for three years, because they hurt so terribly. These were thoughts of a Mother who was close to him, although he could not see her. It was as though he feit her, almost touching him, smiling at him, so very glad that he was happy j proud that he was a circus-hand, riding gloriously on a chariot that a prince might envy, with splendid horses filling his new world. He could spare Father, now that Mother had come back. In that dear sense of her nearness he cuddled down into the hot canvas and feil asleep.