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"lOrTAKE up, young 'un!"

V v Hugh came with difficulty out of a dream in which he had been telling his mother excitedly that he had ridden an elephant. She had been as thrilled as he, and as proud: he had been on the point of taking her to make friends with Ali, too. Then a heavy hand was on his shoulder, and the dream fled.

"Hullo!" he said, sleepily. "I went to sleep, I believe."

"You certainly did," said Jeff, laughing. "Time to wake up, though: we're getting near our next pitch. There's Coinbar." He jerked his thumb towards a tinroofed town half-hidden by trees a mile ahead.

Hugh realized that the procession had halted. He sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"What do we do?"

"Well, we don't do anything. We're only hands. But the Circus is getting ready to make a good entry. This is only a one-performance pitch, so the show has to wake the people up as it comes in. Hands don't put on any