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had been stamped down. Sawdust was freely sprinkled

over it, and the ring was ready.

Hugh had been told off with Eddie Pratt to carry m some of the stouter planking. It was clear that Eddie regarded him with contempt and dislike. He gave him orders roughly, with all the airs of a superior. Moreover, he was acute in managing the loads so that Hugh had the greater share of the weight, and more than once he maneuvered so that Hugh's end of the plank knocked against a hurrying man, earning him a hearty growl. Hugh's heart grew hot within him, with the unavailing anger of a small boy for another considerably older and stronger. He watched his chance and took it presently, pretending to stumble so that he dropped the plank. It jerked up under Eddie's armpit, and with a yell he also dropped it^-unfortunately, on the foot of a groom.

"Young aas!" sang out the sufferer, dealing Eddie a hearty cuff. He hopped round on one foot, stating his opinion of boys in general. Hugh and Eddie picked up their load hastily and fled, the latter sniffing as he went.

'Til take it out of you—you see if I don't!"

Hugh made no answer, being, indeed, rather horrified at what he had done. It was a relief that Big Dan was safely hidden in the Big Top. Eddie's threats—not that he disregarded them—were nothing beside the dread of any misdemeanor coming to the ears of the Owner.

They finished their carrying and were set to unrolling the carpet strips that softened the planks in the more highly-priced seats. It was hard work for young muscles;