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throughout the lion act: Nabob was not in a performing humor, and Hugh was certain that each moment would be the tamer s last. But the crown of the whole performance to Hugh was Nita.

She came in at first in a little carriage driving the two goats. Joey, lost in thought, was strolling idly round the ring when the pit-pat of the tiny hoofs sounded behind him: he looked round, uttered a loud cry of terror, and ran frantically. Nita whipped up her steeds, standing in the carriage, her curls flying, her face aglow; the ridiculous chase went on until Joey broke from the ring and feil on Big Dan's neck, begging to be saved—by which time there was no strength left in the delighted crowd. Nita drove off triumphantly. She returned on Merrylegs, at full speed, circling the ring, leaping on and off, waltzing, picking up dropped handkerchiefs; she made him go round with his forefeet on the wooden edging: made him lie down and die for the Queen, while she stood with one tiny foot on his neck. The people loved her—her baby "^&ys> her smiles that came and went, her unconcealed enjoyment in her own performance. They wanted never to let her go—Hugh least of all.

"And to think she's a friend of mine!" he muttered delightedly forgetting the gulf that lay now between Owner's daughter and Circus hand.

The performance ended in a high-jumping exhibition by a famous gray horse. Big Dan made a little speech, which was lost in the movement of many feet on the planking, and Hugh slipped out with the crowd, and