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"Only 'cause you made me learn. Was it truly all right, Jeff?"

"First rate. You'11 do, son."

"The Boss doesn't think so. He's wild with me, Jeff. You ought to have heard him shoot me out of the horsetent when he came in. I wasn't doing any harm."

"Don't you worry your head about the Boss. He's just showin' you he's Owner. You did the trick, an' he knows it, only it isn't his way to fall on any one's neck."

"Well, he needn't have "

"None o' that," said Jeff, firmly. "You remember what I told you: in a Circus a man takes his gruel smilin', even if he thinks he's a right to expect plum-cake. But there'11 be plums in your gruel from this out, or my name's not what it is!"

"True, Jeff?"

"True as life. Now you cut along to our tent an' do your exercises better than you ever did them before. We'U be along presently. You an' I an' Micky'11 have a jollification in our little hut tonight!"