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"If he looked like an or'nary boy they'd never take no notice of him!"

Toby asked for every detail of Hugh's work with Joey, and the more he heard, the less he liked it. As an old hand he knew his own value to the Circus, but he was well aware of Big Dan's shrewdness where money was concerned. If he had picked up a youngster with a natural taste for clowning, as Hugh seemed to be, he would have an attraction that would enable him to dispense with a dwarf who demanded heavy pay.

That was bad enough. But beyond the matter of losing his job was something far deeper. He seethed with jealousy. It made him furious to think of this roustabout boy earning, just by being a boy, laughter that he had never been able to earn by being a dwarf.

No thought of the Circus ever entered his mind. He would have been grimly happy to think that his place left a blank unable to be filled. And it did not matter a bit! He wriggled with almost a physical pain when he thought of it. He was "Toby, the World's Greatest Midget Fun-Merchant," on the posters. Now he lay crippled, and his place was filled by a child.

He tortured himself by making Eddie bring him an account of Hugh's turn every evening. Eddie found a sly delight in making his reports; it amused him to see Toby's face twist with rage while he listened. On the first night that Hugh undressed on Ram Singh's head the story brought an unusual thrill, for Toby showed every appearance of taking a fit.