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all over myself, but every one to his taste. Well, they'11 be happy as long as we let 'em. I guess we'11 take it easy."

They sat down on the bank, under the shade of a lightwood tree. George drew out his pipe, and feit for something else. He tossed a packet of chocolate to each of his companions.

"O-oh!" said Nita, snatching. She beamed on him. But Hugh looked at his doubtfully.

"It's all right, son," George told him. "I asked Jeff. Said you looked a bit thin, an' choc'late's nourishin', an' he said you could be nourished for once."

"I say, you are a brick, George!" He bit into the chocolate happily.

"This is a party!" said Nita.

Sure it is. You two an' me an' the bulls are all friends. Any one who likes my bulls is a pal of mine. Nita's liked 'em since she was a baby, an' you were their friend, Hugh, from the moment you brought 'em a shirtful of apples. Not that it was only the apples: they knew you feit as if you liked 'em."

'Well, so I did. I think they're ripping."

"Now, that young Eddie's no good with 'em. He isn't afraid—I'd be better pleased if he was, an' then he wouldn't come near them. Old Ram has had him set since he gave him a thistle-head wrapped up in a paper bag— silly young ass!" said George, wrathfully. "An' only a week ago he came foolin' round them with a whip, flickin' it, when I wasn't there. Steve saw him, though."