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me the Boss has been givin' Micky a quiet practice with Joey."

"Oh, I know about that!" Nita said, importantly. "Daddy told Mummy he believed Micky could do Jimmy's turn when he goes. Jimmy's going on a farm."

"I'd like real well to see Jimmy at that game," George grinned. "Can't you fancy him amblin' up to the pigs with a tin of feed, an' squeakin' to 'em, 'Here we are again!' Jimmy'11 surprise the farmer he works for, I bet. But he'11 never stick to it; he'11 be lookin' for a circus job again in three months. Once a clown, always a clown. You remember that, young Hugh!"

"I'm not going to be a clown at all," defended Hugh. "I'm going to be a rider."

"If you get out of Joey's clutches."

"Oh, he only wants me 'cause I'm little. When I get a bit bigger he won't."

"An' Dad says he can ride," piped Nita. "I'm just goin' to worry Dad's life out until he gives Hugh an' me a twopony turn. He can do half my tricks now on Tinker."

Hugh looked at her gratefully.

"I can't come within streets of you, and you know it, Nita."

"Oh, but you will. I could do most of the work at first. An' it'11 be twice as much fun to have a mate in the ring. Won't it, George?"

"I guess so." He looked benevolently from one eager face to the other. "There's one thing—I don't believe either of you would be wantin' to grab all the best part.