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they've decided to go—but that'11 work out all right. Mrs. Dan's got one of the other women to be wardrobemistress, an' Crowe says he'11 take on the business side until they can get another man. Crowe hates figures like poison, but he'11 get along somehow. It's really the best thing for the Pratts to clear out at once. Eddie's become so actively unpopular that he'd hardly be safe among the men, I believe. You'd be surprised to know what a lot of friends you've got!"

"But I let the show down, Jeff!"

"Oh, get that silly notion out of your head, son," said Jeff, firmly. "All you did was to drink a cup of tea. Why, it might easily have happened to the Boss himself, let alone a kid like you. There isn't a soul among the crowd that wasn't sorry for you, from the Boss downwards. 'Cause why, they know you're keen: an' between a pair of cheerful little plotters like Toby an' Eddie you hadn't the ghost of a chance. Eddie doesn't count so much: but it's no disgrace to be done in by an old hand like Toby—bless his merry heart!"

Jeff had begun to smile broadly. Hugh looked at him, puzzled.

"But what about the show, Jeff? Isn't it pretty awful to lose Toby?"

"That's the joke," grinned Jeff. "You see, it's this way, son. You're as good a hit with the crowd as Toby has ever been. An' the Boss believes that Micky'11 be a real find as a clown. Well, that's all the show wants; an' the Boss is a heap better off, because Jimmy's always