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"Better than last night?"

"On the whole."


She subsided with a sigh of relief. He continued:

"Your pirouettes, your arabesque, enchanted me."


"You danced with poise and confidence. I repeat, you were admirable."

She was asleep.

They visited London, where she enjoyed a marked success, and where she flatly refused to discover her father, Mrs. Purdie or Madame Vanessi. They returned to Milan, where she had the supreme triumph of dancing at the Scala as prima ballerina. She appeared in Paris, where her ballet was abused, but where she herself was praised with passionate enthusiasm. Varsovina, the personality created by Rosing, was exactly a year old now. Already she stretched her wings, looked into the future, longed for fresh worlds to conquer.

At last came the offer of a year's tour in America. Why not? Had not Elssler, the intrepid, danced all over the United States, to return in triumph, laden with jewels and dollars?

And so, after much discussion, to America they went, accompanied by Franz Heinrich, business manager of the tour, by a young German Jew, Adolphe Weiss, who was to act as musical director, and by the nucleus of a corps de ballet. Again, as Rosing remarked, why not? America offered so many dollars.