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'Til not promise anything of the sort."

"But you must, you must!"

She had become extraordinarily agitated.

"Then," said he, "if I can't marry you, I assure you

I shall never marry any one!"

"Oh, listen," she cried. "You can stay with me as long as you likeā€”for years and years and years. I'll always keep you, because I worship you, and I know that you worship me. But you're such a child, my darling you see, people like us can't marry, and any one but you would have understood that.

"We love each other, isn't that enough?"

"Oh, no, Guy, indeed it isn't."

"Lina, you're crying?"

"I dare say. I can't help it. I love you so much that

sometimes it frightens me."

At this moment Marie came into the room with a letter.

Lina opened it.

"Well," he wanted to know, after she had read it twice,

"what is the matter?"

"It's from Heinrich, my manager. He has had an otter

for a Russian engagement."

"And what are you going to say?"

"This!" ,

She tore the letter into fragments before his eyes and

then flung her arms about his neck.

"No, no, no, and no! lam going to stay here, with you. What do I care about a Russian engagement?"

He frowned, a little disconcerted by her obvious excitement. "Is it so very important, Lina?"

"A little important! Engagements to dance before the Tsar at the most famous theaters of St. Petersburg and Moscow! But at the moment, frankly, I don't care if I never dance again. Really, I don't! I only care about you."