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Marie smiled triumphantly.

"It is the same Monsieur Guy! I repeat, I recognized him immediately! A little bigger, a little more broad, more important-looking, but otherwise the same. I had only to look at him to think at once of Fontainebleau. It is undoubtedly the same Monsieur Guy!"

"Thank God!" Lina murmured, and laughed to herself.

She looked once more at her body, her hard beautiful body, and said eagerly: "Get me some hot water, and make haste. I mustn't keep him waiting."

"He would wait for ever!" Marie pronounced, in the accents of the Delphic Oracle.

She returned with the hot water.

"How fortunate that Madame brought this exquisite dress down to the theater!"

They proceeded to examine the dress, a gorgeous affair of ivory satin, sprayed with apple-green leaves; it was of the latest fashion, and its lace, frothing at the breast and shoulders, was exceedingly old, and consequently priceless.

"What a coincidence!" exclaimed Lina suddenly, in an awestruck voice.

"A coincidence?"

"Most certainly. Long ago, when I first met Monsieur Guy, I wore a white dress trimmed with green. Surely you remember? The night that Monsieur de Beauvais brought Monsieur Guy to the rue d'Antin?"

"But of course I remember! It is indeed a coincidence. Et ga," Marie proceeded happily, "porte toujours le bonheur."

Lina had finished her ablutions during the course of this conversation. She wrapped herself in the famous gray woolen dressing-gown and sat down at the dressingtable to remove her make-up.