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"Monsieur le Marquis seemed angry. Angry, and sad."


"Yes, Madame," she relented further, and added: "Very sad."

There was a long pause.

"I shall go to bed directly I get back to the hotel," Lina announced. "I shall have my supper in bed. I am so tired that I can scarcely stand on my feet."

"Yes, Madame."

The evening was over. They were the last people left in the theater; it was the fireman, finally, who conducted the great Varsovina to her carriage, and a wind blew down the empty streets, that still were wet with the glisten of rain, and they were glad to seek the shelter of her brougham. Inside the brougham lingered the faint scent of a cigar, for it was there in this very carriage, that Lord Rochdale had waited in vain for his mistress.