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thürsbaï afibrnoon, June 4th, 5840.

The Grand Lodge convened pursuant toacljoummentat 4J o'clock, on Thursday alternoon, June 4th, o840, and was called to order. pRESENT.

Rt W Joseph Cuyler, S. G. W. as Grand Master.

« ElishaGilbert,P.J.G.W as D. G. Master.

« Richard Carrique, of No. 7, as S. G. Warden. « A. W. Stark, of No. 14, as J. G. Warden. « « James Herring, G.rand Se^tary.

« « Richard Ellis, a vZ^

" [] P] A(y?'Cfr' Q. Sword Bearer.

"And the other Grand Qfficers and the Reprensentatives

and Proxies of the Lodges as before.

The Minutes of the bession of the Grand Lodge

morning were read and approved. . „ .

The Committee on Warrants made the fohowing Report, which was accepted, and after amendment, adopted. and is

abyl0 the Right Worshipful the Grand Lodge of the State of

= >« *& - «. <■■■' *o "

stored; to be located m the Ma3.er 'j0b Goff, Senior Warden, and

that John H. Alkander be the T > ^ paving one year's dues.

Peleg G. Cob, J. Warden, oJ^dL g in tlie County

„olved and your Committee recoramend that the urana ce.r ,

„Sbrg~C*ïeUa vf.tet, Of i.c«»,.ra,».,,.,tem.