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A communication was received from Robert Brown, asking for lurther time, which was granted.

On motion, William Herama was suspended, and the other cases were referred to the Grand Secretary to settle with the delinquents.

The petition of William Woodhull was laid on the table, until he should personally appear.

A petition for restoration to Masonic privileges was received from John I. Rickers, which was read and laid on the table, until the next meeting of the Grand Stewards' Lodge, at which time the petitioner is to be notified to attend.

A bill from Samuel Maverick, for rebiting the Grand Lodge Certificate plate, amounting to five dollars, was presented and passed for payment.

April 19.—The G. M. informed the G. Stewards' Lodge that A. M. C. Smith, formerly a member of Hoffman Lodge, who had been expt'lled by the G. S. L- in 1834, for default, in neglecting to attend when summoned to appear and pay his arrearage, amounting to three dollars, had now paid that amount, and asked to be restored. 1 he subject was ordered to be laid over until the next meeting, and the Grand Secretary, in the mean time, to ascertain from Bro. Smith why he did not obey the summons formerly sent to

A complaint was laid before the G. S. Lodge by the W. Brothers Horspool and Woolf, and Bros. R. B. Atterbury, S. W., A. S. Van Praag, J. W., and Morris Aria, Secretary of Adelphi Lodge, No. 23, against W. Joseph Jackson, Master of said Lodge. Ist, For refusing to put a motion, duly made and seconded, that Adelphi .Lodge appeals from the decision of the G. S. L. in the case ot L. Raunheim. 2dly, For refusing to put a motion, duly made and seconded, that a Committee be appointed to collect the charges made against Brother I. Raunheim. T he parties having been notified to appear, the Grand Stewards waited for them until nine o'clock, at which time they adjouined until Wednesday evening next, at 7 o'clock.

April 26.—A communication and documents irom the Committee of lnquiry, on the appeal of Richmond Jones, were received.