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terfeited Pregnancy would not be more afraid of a Writ de ventre inspiciendo ; the latter, God bless him, is so sincerely one of Us, that he is not ashamed to own it. It is a well known Circumstance related of one of these Gentlemen, that being by the Lenity of the English Constitution admitted to give Evidence in Courts of Justice, on the Faith of a Christian, the Officer who administred the Oath, though a Stranger to his Person, by a right Judgment of his Phisiognomy gave him the Old Testament to depose on. With regard to Publick Employments, are there not Abundance of them in this happy Island which are fitter for Jews than for Christians, and which have insensibly transformed good Christians into real Jews by the prevalent Force of Example? What may you think, Sir, of us Jews in the Capacity of Excise Officers ? Or what think you of Excise Off icers as different in any thing from Jews ? How great Analogy there is in general between Dissenters and Jews, and how easily we are to be mistaken for each other, wants no other Witnesses than the Pastors of each Persuasion. How happily do they concur in the black Cloak and the short Bib ? How perfectly does the dirty Phiz of a French Refugee accord with the sable hue of a Rabbi in Israël? How exactly alike are the Size of their Consciences and the Reach of their Understandings; their Zeal for Works of Faith and Piety, and above all, for the ready Penny?....

"However, without giving offence to good Protestants by unseemly Reflections, we insist that the Jews are in all respects of equal Merit with the French Hugonots, who show themselves conscious of our [the Jews'] superiority by their continual attempts to outvy us in the