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The Grecians do allow Pithagoras,

The Thracians give it of their Orpheus

As first inventors of the harmonie. Iew.: All errors; Tuball, Tuball, Hebrew Tuball! Sir Anth.: But howsoever, weele hold no dispute;

Our attention is tyed to other sports.

[Enter Prologue.] Prol.: Our act is short, your liking is our gaynes;

So we off end not, we are pay'd our paines. Iew.: No more of this, weele have a Iewes Iigge.

To your businesse, delay not.

[Enter seriants and take hold on Sir Anthony.] Sir Anth.: What meanes this violence? Iew.: Weele not stand upon Intergatories; away with him. Sir Anth.: Iew. — Iew.: Christian; away with him. Sir Anth.: Heare me — Iew.: In prison; Be listen to laugh at thee. Sir Anth.: Be mercifull — Iew.: MercifulL ha, ha!

Sir Anth.: No, not to mee, I scorne to aske it of thee, But to thine owne black soule be mercifull. Inhumane Dogge, that in midst of curtesie Dost yoke me in a Serpents arme, true seed Of that kisse-killing Judas, can thy black soule Have hope of pitty, being pittilesse?