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forgiven and two hundred guilders. — No further retaliation.

VII. — A new Song, shewing the crueltie of Gernutus a lewe.

a. Black-letter copy in the Pepys Collection; and 'Mus. Ashmol. Oxon. cod. impress. A-Wood'. post 1550. (ante 1579!)

b. there is no lady.

c. Debtor: A marchant of great fame distressed

|ÉM in his need in Venice towne. Creditor: Gernutus a cruel Jew of Venice.

d. an hundred crownes.

No penny for the loane of it

For one year you shall pay You may doe me as good a turne,

Before my dying day.

But we will have a merry jeast

For to be talked long: You shall make me a bond, quoth he,

That shall be large and strong:

And this shall be the forfeyture: Of your owne fleshe a pound.

e. The Judge

Sith needs thou wilt thy forfeit have,

Which is of flesh a pound: See that thou shed no drop of bloud,

Nor yet the man confound.

For if thou doe, like murderer, Thou here shalt hanged be: