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A^am -mn found to be in first dass order, seaworthy with rientv Amencan port justified by the existing treaties betwei &eherman

^^r-^rsT» ssiT1 here,withi'■

provisions! orbeLuserfsSS ^k - ?* for.">e«^ <nel or.

to take her tr. «Ja P master, by the commander of the Möwe)

State, m^ïï1^?^^^^!?' t0 ^ °f port untü further notice 7nH «7^7 P 016 Vessel m an American' A^nbMiSSto^^a,S^« from the German

Government concern^ "CS^Sj^^^

of Hague^nven^ of Article «

this convention was notnSShJ^. i ^ , 15 DOt aPPlicable, as

in present war ac^r^o Article Stn * ^°re not bÜldinS

The above-mentioneTi^ §47]-

can therefore be internS norWÏh e£ h? ^ Shlp,n°r the prize crew over to English . .. " C ^tion of turning the prize

^S^yï^ï0I,? W reCOgDised * this Government,

to be ttoS^^srn^hthe of the united stat<*

constituteof the ports of a™£J, ï f P**™^ it wonld Prizes, captured K rrfSSi^™*? harb°Ure of safety ^o which itóefimtely Spt 7 ^ bell^eren^ might be safely bronght and