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„Regularly the test affidavit shoulSe Hit* ^ C°mt that of shipment and also at the time of caoturï 5 /iT*7' at the time restored.bdongtotheclaimantT Jl^' if

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the cargo of cocoa (or its procteS) wTo^T^ ^ the PreSent case mants without qualmcation tSlu t0 be released to ^

for enemy mercSanteAnd^ Ki W°UW * faCt be to the the use ofthe ^0^^^^^^*° fOT chants likewise . . Upón thesP fi£7 ■ I ° the ^ of enemy merdisallowed ; and that the^prteeï S S7 ^i"^ * that the daim is enemy property be ca^^^c^LS^ T % C°mt must 38 the Crown's rights to the drolt. -H ™ ^ g0od ^ lawful P™e in

Zaanland (98o) ïwtti ^sites of Admiralty." their rights to the '^él to olh^ T **** P"ted

have so ceased by their owri acï^ *he?er bmn or not> and be made for *»^Z^^^«^«^- ™ order will to the benefit of the enem,af mTir ° UCh m °rder miSht

capacity. If goods daimeSvTce^Td to ZllnfTT- °' £ S°me °ther come into Court to prove thei^ï g t0 daimants before they

(Vide the Prinz ^ ÜtIe 88 owners< their claim must faü