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§ 324.

And whereas the smking of British, Allied, and neutral merchant ships irrespective of the lives of passengers and crews, and in violation of thé usages of war, has not been confined to the waters surrounding the United Kingdom, but has taken place in a large portion of the area of naval operations;

And whereas such illegal acts have been committed not only by German warships, but by warships flying the üag of each of the enemy countries ■

And whereas on account of the extension of the scope of the iUeeal operations carried out under the said German Orders, and in retaüation therefore vessels have been required under the provisions of the Order in Councü aforementioned to discharge in a British or Alüed port goods which were of enemy origin or of enemy destination or which were enemv property, irrespective of the enemy country from or to which such goods were gomg or of the enemy country in which was domicüed the person whose property they were ; t^isun And whereas doubts have arisen as to whether the term enemv" m articles 3 and 4 of the said Order in Councü includes enemy countries other than Germany ; J His Majesty is, therefore, etc....

1. In articles 3 and 4 of the said Order in Councü of the March 2b£*lforemenJtloned.the terms „enemy destination" and „enemy origin" shaü be deemed to apply and shaü apply to goods destined for or originating in any enemy country, and the term „enemy property" shaü be deemed to apply and shaü apply to goods belongingto any person domicüed m any enemy country. y person

2. Effect shall be given to this Order in the apphcation of the said

dat of7£°onH °ll1 ^ I915't0 g°0ds Which Pre™ to the date of this Order have been discharged at a British or Alüed port being goods of destination or origin or property which was enemy though not German, and all such goods shaü be detained and dealt with in aürespects as is provided m the said Order in CouncU of the irth Mmch, 1915

„Order in Council" du 16 février 1917. „Whereas by an Order in Councü dated thenth day of March, 1015 His Majesty was pleased to direct certain measures to be taken against the commerce of the enemy ; *s*uiai uie

dedarin^lTfGover^nt has now issued a memorandum 21nT+ m thf l8t.FebruaT. 1917. aü sea tiafficwülbe prevent¬

ie anï^ dCSafbed adjacent to Great Brita™ a°d

fheTown risÏ ^ SMpS ^ naVigate the Said zones at

And whereas simüar directions have been given by other enemy Powers •

flatant TSHthtC ^ embodied in tbe said memorandum Je m flagrant contradiction with the rules of international law, the dictates of humanity, and the treaty obligations of the enemy •

And whereas such proceedings on the part of the enemy render it necessary for His Maj esty to adopt further measures in order to maintain