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Lady Hamilton Dalrymple (to partner)

A deep concern1) weights2) those responsible Who gather in the alcove. Wellington Affects a cheerfulness in outward port3), But cannot rout4) his real anxiety!

The Duchess of Richmond goes to her husband.



Ought I to stop the ball? It hardly *) seems right to let it continue if all be true.


I have put that very question to Wellington, my dear. He says that we need not hurry off the guests. The men have to assemble some time before the officers, who can stay on here a little longer without inconvenience; and he would prefer that they should, not to create a panic in the city, where the friends and spies of Napoléon are all agog") for some such thing, which they would instantly communicate to him to take advantage of.


Is it safe to stay on? Should we not be thinking about getting the children away?

1. concern: uneasiness, anxiety.

2. to weight: to burden, to lie upon.

3. outward port: bearing; way in which he holds his body, the expression of his face, etc.

4. to rout: to drive away.

5. hardly: not quite, not really.

6. to be agog for: to be eagerly expecting.