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There's no hurry at all, even if Bonaparte were really sure to enter. But he's never going to set foot in Brussels1)—don't you imagine it for a moment.

Duchess (anxiously) I hope not. But I wish we had never brought them here!


It is too late, my dear, to wish that now. Don't be flurried *); make the people go on dancing.

The Duchess returns to her guests. The Duke rejoins Wellington, Brunswick, Müffling, and the Prince of Orange in the alcove.


We need not be astride8) till five o'clock If all the men are marshalled well ahead. The Brussels citizens must not suppose

They stand in serious peril He, I think,

Directs his main attack mistakenly;

It should have been through Mons, not Charleroi.


The Austrian armies, and the Russian too,

Will show nowhere in this4). The thing that's done,

1. he's never going to set foot in B.: he is certainly not, etc.

2. to be flurried: to be agitated.

3. astride: on horseback.

4. will show nowhere in this: will be far away, will not be in time.