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we had thought of her and the family here, had visited those spots which were connected with them in particular, and that we had greatly admired the King's great works at Versailles, which have been left quite intact. Indeed, the Emperor (as in everything) has shown great tact and good feeling about all this, and spoken without any bitterness of the King.

I still mean to visit (and this was his proposition) the Chapelle de St. Ferdinand, which I hope you will likewise mention to the Queen

The children are so fond of the Emperor, who is so very kind to them. He is very fascinating, with that great quiet and gentleness. He has certainly excellent manners, and both he and the dear and very charming Empress (whom Albert likes particulary) do the honneurs extremely well and very gracefully, and are full of every kind attention

Instead of my short letter I have written you a very long one and must end. Many thanks for your kind letter of the 17th.

How beautiful and how enjoyable is this place!

Ever your devoted Niece,

Victoria R.

Osborne, 29th August 1855.

My Dearest Uncle, - Here we are again, after the pleasantest and most interesting and triumphant ten days that I think I ever passed. So complete a success, so very hearty and kind a reception with and from so difficile a people as the French is indeed most gratifying and most promising for the future. The Army were most friendly and amicable towards us also.

In short, the complete Union of the two countries is stamped and sealed in the most satisfactory and solid manner, for it is