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at the date of the arrival of the vessel or at the termination of the ad venture. Rule XVII. — Contributory values.

The contribution to a general average shall be made upon the actual values of the property at the terrnination of the adventure, to which shall be added the amount made good as general average for property sacrificed; déduction being made from the shipowner's freight and passage-money at risk, of such port charges and crew's wages as would not have been incurred had the ship and cargo been totally lost at the date of the general average act or sacrifice, and have not been allowed as general average ; déduction being also made from the value of the property of all charges incurred in respect thereof subsequently to the general average act, except such charges as are allowed in general average.

Passengers' luggage and peisonal effects, not shipped under bill of lading, shall not contribute in general average.

Rule XVIII — Adjustment.

Except as provided in the foregoing rules, the adjustment shall be drawn up in accordance with the law and practice that would have governed the adjustment had the contract of affreightment not contained a clause to pay general average according to these Rules.



Rule A.—There is a General Average Act when, and only when any extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and reasonably made or incurred for the common safety for thepurpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure.

Rule B. — General Average sacrifices and expenses shall be borne by the different contributing interests on the basis hereinafter provided.

Rule C. — Only such damages, losses or expenses which are the direct consequence of the General Average Act shall be allowed as general average.

Damage or loss sustained by the ship or cargo through delay on the voyage, and indirect loss from the same cause, such as demurrage and loss of market, shall not be admitted as general average.

Rule D. — Rights to contribution in general average shall not be affected though the event which gave rise to the sacrifice or