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A survey of the non-pronominal and non-formative affixes of the Blackfoot verb

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flesh? The word iksisakö in, seems to mean exclusively meat; so it will not belong here.

foot moykatsis in., cf. -ka, -k*tsi, -kin-, ksi-,-oykatsi, and bone, leg.

forehead monisi in.

forelegS (hiè, or its) otsisoykatsists pl. in. forepart of the nether leg motsinau in. foreteeth isoypekists pl. b. fur v. hair.

gamble-joint of the buffalo ükskstsék«ypi (in. ?). grinder v. molar tooth. guts utsi (in.?), cf. -utsi-.

hair of the head motokani. in., okuyixkinsini in., cf. -kixkin-, -opi, -spi, and head, skull. A single hair is called okuyi in.', cf. feather. For hair of the body (alsó for fur of animals) they use moküyis in., cf. -im-, -okuyi-.

hand motsis in., cf. -in-, -kinists,. -mi, mots-, and arm. head motokani in., cf. -ki-, -kixkin-, -oki-, -opi, -spi, and also brains, face, hair, hom, skull. heart muskitsipaypi in. heel motoytüni in.

hide inotokis an. and in. There seems to be a shorter form -okis n makokists cow-hides nbt. 53. Cf. -oki- lodge? hindlegs (its) otapatoykatsists pl. in.

hind-part (his) otómoytotsopopi („his where-we-sit-on"). The hindpiarters of a cow and other quadrupeds are called oapisakists. 3f. -pisak-, and thigh, upper leg.

hip moykinisaikina in.

hoof moysistsini an., cf. -istsin-, -oysistsini.

horn (its) otskinau an., cf. -kixkin-, and also hair, head.

instep ispaykitsékaypi (in.?).

jaw moypskinau in. For chin they will use moypskinaists (Jam).

kidney ótöki in., cf. -otok-.

knee motoksis an., cf. -oks- (-toks-?).