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REPRODUCTIE NAAR WELLCOME'S MEDICAL DIARY 1906 (Met toestemming van de Uitgevers)

jShEn Nunc ~Ê an Fu Hsi

B.C. 2838-269S AN° B.C. 2953—2838

Shen Nung was one of the legendary Emperors of China and son of Princess An-Têng, by whom he was miraculously conceived through the influence of a heavenly dragon. Founder ofthe healing art, he is reputed to have first discovered the medicinal properties ofplants, and to have taught the people the art of agriculture.

Ini Hsi was the founder of a system of philosophywhich he originated from the markings on the back of the tortoise. He is also believed to have invented the calendar, and to have instructed the Chinese in the principles of nutrition and the art of preparing food.