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Preparatory English prose

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*) the train had covered so many miles; de trein had zooveel mijl a/gelegd.

6) ten minutes' wait; tien minuten oponthoud.

6) to go in Bearch of; gaan zoeken naar.

1) to account for; zien verantwoorden voor; verklaren.

Maak zinnen met de volgende woorden:

middle-aged; compartment; to trouble oneself; platform; information; to condescend; behaviour

44. THE COBBLER AND THE BANKER. a-bove (o = ü) boven. to per-su«de (pü-soeeeied) doen ge-

an-xi-ë-ty (ang-zaie) angst. looven.

con-tin-u-al-ly voortdurend. to rë-soUve besluiten,

to lïve leven. susp/cion achter-

mi rth vroolijkheid. docht,

ne/gh-bour buurman. wenIthy (ea = e) rijk.

There once lived a contented cobbler who passed his time in working and singing from morning till night. A 'neighbour of his, a •wealthy banker, happening to meet him one day, said to him: "How much a year do you earn, my good friend?" The cobbler, laughing, replied: "How much a year, sir; I never reckon in that way, 'living, as I do, from hand to mouth i); but somehow, each day brings its meal, and at the end of the year I find that I have been able to make both ends meet2)." "Well, then, how much a day do you earn, my friend?" "Sometimes more, and sometimes less," he replied, "but somehow or another I contrive to make a living3)." The banker then said: "I have 'resolved