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river by ourselves to meet him? Why couldn't George come and do some work? Why couldn't he have got the day pJULi, and come down with us? Bankbe blo we d 2 ! What^goqd^.J^_^§^.at_the_ bank ?

"I never see him doing any work there." continued Harris, "whenever I go in. He sits behind a bit of glass all day, trying to look . as if he was doing something. What's the good of a man behind a bit of glass? I have to work for my.iiying.3. Why can't he Work. What use is he there. and what's the good of their banks? They take your money, and then, when you draw a cheque, they send it back smjejurjeji all over4 with 'Np ef f ec ts'. 'B^J,jex..LQ-iLx.a.w..e.x'„5, What's the good of that? That's the sprt, of trigk6 they seryed7 me twice last week. I'm not going to st an d8 it much longer. I shall w.i.t h d r a w m y a e c o u in t9. If he was here, we could go and see that tomb. I don't believe he's at the bank at all. He's 1arki n g ah o u t10 somewhere, that's what he's doing, leaving us to do all the work. I'm going to get out, and have a drink."


ALJiêR^ears^jd^, I was taken to help my father in his business, which was that of a tallow-chandler 11 and spap-_ boiler 12; a business to which he was not bred 13, but had assumed on his arrival in New England, because he found that his dveing trade,u. being in little request, would

1 een vrije dag- | 7 bakken

2 laat de bank naar de maan 8 verdragen

loopen 0 mijn geld terugnemen

3 Kost 10 is aan 't pret maken i geheel beklad tl kaarsenmaker

5 geen fondsen; wend u tot den 12 zeepfabrikant trekker 13 opgebracht

6 poets 14 ververij

* 1706—1790. American printer, writer and patriot. Signed the Declaration or Independence. Twlce envoy to England, once to France. President of Congress. Inventor of lightning conductor.