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Mais derrière ce quatuor des artisans intellectuels de notre nouveau Palais se dresse la grande figure de l'homme au coeur et a la main généreuse qui a pris 1'initiative de cette grande oeuvre dont nous sommes entrain de célébrer maintenant la consécration finale et qui avec une générosité intarissable nous offre la plus belle, la plus noble illustration du capital, fruit de son ardent travail, mis au service de" 1'humanité.

Behind and above the four intellectual builders of our new Palace appears the mighty shadow of the man with the generous heart and the giving hand who took the initiative to this great work of which we now celebrate the final consécration, and who with a never ending generosity gives us the highest and most impressive illustration of capital, the product of his strenuous labor, placed to the credit of humanity. Mr. Andrew Carnegie there is no doubt, I should think, that you are not to-day the happiest__man amongst all of us. Is anything to be imagined what could rejoice your heart more then to see to-day in these surroundings the transformation of your beautiful high spirited munificence in this future seat of international tribunals. F44is Excellency Mr. de Karnebeek had the honor of expressing to you so warmly, what your generosity ment to the apse of peace; it is my privilege to address you in the name of the civilized powers of the world, of whose representatives in the Counsel of Administration my capacity of Minister of Foreign Affairs makes me occupy the chair. And this privilege is the greater as there is a fair chance that