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worse to which men and women are exposed there and which are crying to heaven, we keep silence here. The life of a human being has no value here any longer: there is continually a new supply of condemned people!

2. The population of one region is simply commanded to leave its homes and to go to another region to work there in a branche quite new to it. The other day 20000 peasants were without further ado conveyed to another region to work there in the colüeries from which the former miners had run away. The will of the individual is not considered at all. It all happens in favour of the (Bolshevist) Community and whoever opposes, is punished. For, this one is „contra-revolutionary!" »

It is difficult to realize such circumstances. And it is still more difficult to remain quiet when they are welcomed as being inevitable to improve the conditions in the world. Russia — it becomes daily more apperent — is a victim to a number of idealists, surrounded and ruled by a band of criminals.

Of these latter the idealists are most dangerous. Because they are blind to the misery which they bring about and — having good intentions in their own opinion — know to persuade others. Even, helas, outside Russia.

For it is of no use denying this — their theories are participated by other blinded idealists, who become in their turn a centre of inferior elements.

The whole civilized world must and snall make front against this!

CHAPTER IV. Communism and the Child.

The theories (and, helas, not only the theories, for these theories are reaüy put in practice) of Communism with regard to education, is so very different from all that up tül now people considered admissable and in harmony with moral law, so very much in contradiction to what a normal man considers to be right and