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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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Thryce dyd I theare coouet, to col, to clajp her in armes. 810 Thryce then thee fpirit my catching jwifilye refufed.

Much lyk to a pufwynd, or nap that vannijhed haftlye.

Thee twylight twinckled, furth I to my coompanye pofted.

Whear foone I perceiued with woonder a multitud hudgye.

Of men with woomen too this layre newlye repayred. 815 Thee yoonger Troians, thee meaner wretched afemblye

Round to me dyd duffer, with pur/e and perfon abyding

Prest, throgh furgye waters with mee too [eek ther auenturs.

Lucifer owtpeaking in tips of mounted hil Ida

On draws thee dawning. Thee Greeks with custodye watchful, 820 Warded thee towngats, hoop here of no fuccor abyddh.

I fhrunck, and my father to the crowne of mounten I lifted.

Finis libri Jecundi.