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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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A brafen hudge tergat, that Abans erst fenced in armoure, On poft I nayled, thee clingde (hield this pojye beareth.

295 This Signe AEneas From Grekifh Gonqueror Haled.

I gaue commaundment fro the port to the fhips to be packing. My maats jkum the jea froth there in oars ftrong cherelye dipping. Thee Pheacan turrets foorth with from jight we relinquifh. Wee coast Epëirus, thence wee touche Chaön his hauen.

300 And to the great burrough of Butthrot ftatelye we jkudded. Heere, loa, throgh oure hyring a report incredibil, vncoth, Glides, that Prince Helenus, by Troian lineal ofjpring Soon too king Priamus, this Greekifh countrye reteyneth. Thee pheere poffeffing and crowne of Pyrrhüs his empyre,

305 Alfo that Andromachee dooth bed with a countrye man hufband. Theefe news mee mazing, my mynd was greedelye whetned, Too porie with the Regent, too terne this meruelus hapning. I ftept from the hauen, leouing my nauye behynd mee. Happelye that feafon foom banckets costlye, with oother

310 Lamenting. prefents (in fhade to the cittye reioyning

Neere water of Simois both deepely and warelye fliding) Andromachee framed to the dust, on tumb eke of Hector Catting with burial yelling, that al emptye remayned: With greene turf circled; from thence right on fhe repayred,

315 For eau je of further mourning, too confecrat altars. When fhe dyd efpy mee posting, and Troiecal armoure Too too gyddye viewd, with vnordinat extafis hamperd, Downe fhe fel on fuddeyn, thee cold too carcas aprocheth: Shee fowns, and after long paufing thus fhe fayd elflyke.

320 Is thye true piayne vifadge with tru fhape natural off red? Imp of a ftatelye Godeffe bringst thou to me verelye tydings? j 'Art thow yeet liuing? or the yf light worldly e relinquifht, Tel me where is my hnfband, my f weeting delicat Hector? Thus fayd: al in blubbring fhee floath, with clamorus howlmg

325 Thee place fhee tinckled: but I through pangs vncoth vnhabled, With ftutting ftamering at leingth thus fumbled an aunfwer.

I doe liue, I affure thee, thogh dangers fundrye me taynted, Doubt ye not, a changling ye je none. Lord what good fortune thee lack of pristinat hufband 330 Hath toe thye contentment with new match luckye releeued? Poffefjeth Pyrrhus thee fpoufe of famofed Hector?

Downe fhe fmote her vifadge, to me thus ful fmoothlye replying. 6 Priamus daughter, thee virgin Princelye, thrife happye Thow that by thye foes neere Troy wals flaughtered host beene. 335 By this hap efcaping thee filth of lottarye carnal.