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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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Ratleth: downe powring too fleete thick hayle knob is added. Thee Tyrian felojhip with yoouthful Troian afemblye And Venus hautye nephew doo run too fundrye jet houfes. Hudge fluds lowdlye freaming from mountayns loftye be trowlling, 170 Dido and thee Troian captayne doo iumble in one den.

Then the earth crau's the banes, theare too watrye luno, the chaplayne, Seams vp thee bedmatch, the fyre and ayre teftifie wedlock. And Nymphs in mountayns high typ doe fqueak, hullelo, yearning: That day cros and difmal was caufe of mijchief al after, 175 And bane of her killing; lier fame for fleight fhe regarded.

No more dooth fhe laboure too mafk her Phanfye with hudwinck, With thee name of wedlock her carnal leacherye cloaking, Straight through towns Lybical this fame with an infamye rangeth. Fame the groyl vngentil, then% whom none fwifter is extant; 180 Limber in her whifking: her streingth in iournye fhe trebbleth; First lyke a fhrimp fquatting for feare, then boldlye fhe roameth On ground prowd ietting: fhee foars vp nimblye toe fkyward; The earth, her dame, chauffing with graund Gods celical anger, Litterd this leueret, the fyb, as men fundrye reherfed, 185 Too the giant Cceus, fifter to fwad Encelad holden.

Furth fhe quicklye galops, with wingflight fwallolyke haftning. A foule fog pack paunch: what feathers plumye fhe beareth, So manye fquint eyebals fhee keeps (a relation vncofh) So manye tongues dapper, with her ears and lip labor eeuened. 190 In the dead of nighttyme to the fkyes fhee flickereth, howling

Through the earth fhade fkipping, her fight from flumber amooumg. Whilft the fun is fhyning the bagage clofe lodgeth in houfroofs, Or tops of turrds, with feare towns loftye fhe frighteth. As readye forgde fittons, as true tales vaynelye toe twatüe. 195 Thee pepil in iangling this raynebeaten harlotrye filled: Meerelye furth chatting feats paft, and feats not atempted. That the duke Mneas from Troians auncdrye fprouting, In Lybye coaft landed, with whom fayre Dido, the Princeffe, Her perfon barterd, and that they both be refolued, 200 Thee winter feafon too waft in leacherye wanton.

Retchles of her kingdoom, with rutting bitcherye fauted. This that prat'pye cadeffe labored too trumpet in eeche place.

Furth fhe fleeth pofting to the kingly rector Iarbas. With the brute enflaming his mynd fhe doth huddle on anger. 205 Soon to the Prince Amman, Garamans thee fayrye ,bye rapefnacht, His moother named; this king too Iuppiter heunly Temples twije fifty dyd buyld, lyke number of altars, With fire continual theefe feats too confecrat vfing,