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Observations on some tendencies of sentiment and ethics chiefly in minor poetry and essay in the eighteenth century until the execution of Dr.W. Dodd in 1777

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imply negation, e.g. "Is it, in Heav'n, a crime to love too well ?.. ♦. To act a Lover's or a Roman's part ?" etc. Besides, in the poem, the Divinity is not constrained by public opinion, and stands apart from it, when the burial of the suicide is made a disgrace. Pope could hardly express his opinion in stronger words :

While Angels with their silver wings o'ershade The ground, now sacred by thy reliques made.

This was decidedly not the orthodox view of the matter.

In 1713 Montesquieu wrote his Lettres Persanes. These were printed in 1721, in Holland. According to Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica they were translated into English by Ozell. The Lib. of the Brit. Mus. has Persian Letters translated by Mr. Ozell, second ed. 1730. London. This book was reprinted in 1731, and reprinted in one volume in Dublin in the same year. In 1760 appeared Persian Letters, translated from the French of M. de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu..*, Glasgow. But by the side of this English translation the copies in French may have enjoyed as large a circulation as they did abroad. French was known well in England then. The printer refers to this also when he says of England that it is "a Country where that language (French) is so much understood."

Letter 74 contains a defence of selfmurder. The writer condemns the rigour and harshness of European laws against selfdestruction, denying the charge that the suicide should act against the interests of society or against God's will. Assuming God's goodness he asks if God will be so different from other Benefactors "that he will oblige me to receive Mercies that will make me wretched ?" The man who takes his own life does nothing but modify matter and makes square a bowl, which was made round.

Aaron Hül's despondence finds expression in The Vision, 1726, when he observes that

Nothing is left wishing for on earth

And death becomes a gentier woe than birth.

So great had the suicidal tendency become that Isaac Watts, in 1726, write a series of six discourses entided A Defence against the Temptation of Selfmurder. In the