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§ 86. Mark the pronunciation of ough.

„ a) = 5«: in dough, though.

/b) = of: in cough, trough.

, c) = au: in bough, plough, slough ( = morass).

d) = vj: in rough, tough, enough, slough (= skin of

a serpent).

t e) = ok: in shough, hough, loitgh.

t f) = vp: in hiccough1).

, g) = o: in unstrest final syllables: b'orough.

/ h) = ü«: in through. , i i '

f § 87. H.

This letter is frequently dropped in London and in all dialects, where in educated English it would be pronounced. It is remarkable that this dropping rarely takes place in theXorth, and never in American English.

Observe that the same speaker who drops his h inserts it in places where it has no business to be: Hence the Cockney speaks of

' Arry en ' Arriet.

and: the pihano.

In educated English h is mute:

1) in heir, heiress2), honour. honest, honourable, hoitr 3).

') The word is mostly spelled: hiccup.

2) Not therefore in hcritage, inherit, inheritance.

3) Not however in horary.