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§ 105. Th.

= t in: Thomas1), Thames, Theresa, Thomson, Anthony, Chatham, Esther, Thibet, thyme, asthma, isthmus, phthisis2).

§ 106. Th is vciceless:

1) Initially.

t think. thigh.

Exc. in Articles, Pronouns and Adverbs; the principal ones being:

the, this, these, that, those, thou, thy, thee, they, their, them, than, then, there, thence, though, thither.

2) Finally:

smith. ruth.

Exc. in: booth, smoolh, with,

to mouth, to smooth, to bequeath.

But in: forthwith the second syllable has astrong secondary stress; that is why most people pronounce the final th voiceless.

Note: Before the s of the plural:

th remains voiceless after consonants and short vowels:

girths. moths

*) Cf. Tom. ') See § 97.