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Note: to exile'. x mostly ks\ hut gz is also heard. ex'ilc (noun denoting the state), x

just as in the verb.

ex'ile (noun, denoting the man) x = ks. exiled (adj.) * = ks.

s"3- jw

Z = z, except in:

chintz, quartz, waltz, Switzerland,

in which the preceding voiceless consonant makes the z voiceless (= s).

Chapter IX.

The vowels in weakstrest positions.

§ Il-t. Inevery polysyllabicwordonesyllablehasthemain stress and all the other syllables are weak strest.

Among these weakstrest syllables, however, though sonae are almost stressless, there are others that have secondary stress, stronger or weakei according to their position with respect to the main-strest syllable.

In § 40 we saw that in polysyllables there is