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Bijlage A.


§ I. The taxable inhabitants of each school-district in the State shall have power, when lawfully assembled at any district-meeting, to lay a tax on the district, not exceeding § 20 for the first year, for the purchase of a district-library, consisting of such books as they shall in their district-meeting direct, and such further sum as they may deern necessary for the purchase of a bookcase. The intention to propose such tax, shall be stated in the notice required to be given for such meeting.

§ 2. The taxable inhabitants of each school-district shall also have power, when so assembled in any subsequent year, to lay a tax not exceeding $ 10 in any one year, for the purpose of making additions to the district-library.

§ 3. The clerk of the district, or such other person as the taxable inhabitants may at their annual meeting designate and appoint by a majority of votes, shall be the librarian of the district, and shall have the care and custody of the library, under such regulations as the inhabitants may adopt for his Government.

§ 4. The taxes authorized by this act to be raised, shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as a tax for building a schoolhouse.