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8 a6*5. The libraries established under the provisions of this

rhaoter and anv free public libraiy receiving a state appropnation,

sLT »n"ally make l report to .he Connecticut pubhc l.brary

T*S" In towns whose grant list exceeds sixhundred thousand rinllars the Connecticut public library committee may expend annualiv, ^or books selected by i« for any such library,. sum not to exceed the amount annually appropriated and expended by he . „ L the- inrrease of said library. In towns whose grant Hst does not exceed six hunderd thousand dollars, said committee mav expend annually, for books selected by it for any such l.brary, a sum not to exceed the amount annually appropriated an^P^"' ried from any source for the increase of such l.brary. The expenditure Z said committee ah,11 not exceed the sum of one hundred dollars, annually, for any library.


a 1 Chapter 142 Public Acts of 1903- The Connecticut public

library committee shall give to conimunit.es adv.ce and ass.stance in the or^ani/ation, establishment, and administration of free Klir libraries aid in selecting and cataloguing books and in Ebrnry management, and may for the purposes of this act v.s.t and insoect libraries organized under the provisions o g. 4 33> and mav suegest improvements in said libraries Said committee is authorized^ to purchase and arrange books and pieture» to be loaned to such public libraries, schools, associations, and indiv -

riuals as the committee may select.

8 2 Chapter 142 Public Acts of 1903- For the purposes of carrying out the provision of Prg. there ah,11 be annually

appropriated two thousand dollars. The treasurer of the state shall pay the bills incurred under this act upon order of the state board of education. Said board shall keep and semiannuaUy' render to the comptroller an account of all money expended under this act and the comptroller shall audit said acount.