Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

natuur aanwezig is.*) Als locus classicus voor deze bewering voert men aan den « Kwakertekst<> -) kxt è$o%viv: Joh. 1 : <). :i)


Nu eenmaal hel uitgangspunt, van Gereformeerd standpunt bezien, verkeerd is, loopt verder alles spaak. Een uit- en inwendige roeping bestaat er eigenlijk niet, want de uitwendige roeping gaat, krachtens de gratia praeveniens, altoos met de inwendige gepaard, en beide kunnen door den zondaar worden weerstaan.4)

Biedt de zondaar geen tegenstand, zoo gaat ze over in de bekeering. Deze geestelijke verandering is niet eene

that is wholly void ol' the gracc ol' God. No man living is entircly dcstitute of what is vulgarly callcd 11 atural conscience. Hut this is not natural: It is more properly termed, preventing gracc. Every man lias a grcater or less measure ol this, which waiteth not for the eall of man. Every 011c lias sooner or later, good desires; although the generality of men stifle them before they can strike deep root, or produce any considerable fruit. Every 011e cas some measure of that liglit, some faint glimniering ray, which, sooner or later, more or less. enlightens every man that cometh into the world. And every 011e, uuless lie be one of the small number whose conscience is seared as with a hot iron, feels more or less uneasy when lie acts contra ry to the liglit of liis own conseience. So that 110 man sins hecause lie lias not gracc, hut because lie does not use the gracc which lie hath.

1) Pope, a. w., p. 208: Does the appe.il of the word find as well as bring this gracc? It finds it waiting in the roots of nature... It (grace) lias already in the mystery of nature, as redeemed, set the sinner free from any such slavery to sin as would render the Divine Call useless. I». 222: The state of nature is itself more or less a state of grace. — Wesley, Sole op Hom. 2 : 14: «By nature» — That is, without au ontward rule; though this also, strictly speaking, is by preventing grace.

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4) Pope, a. w., p. 20G: Is tliere any distinction between a merely outward call aiul an eflTectual internal call? Tliere is none in Scripture; bul tliere is