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Generydes 5429> Clarionas seide neuer a worde ageyn The whiche Mirabell lilced neuer a dele.

Gen. & Exod. 4011' Balaac misliked al Ovis que&e.

Cant. T. B 477, God liste to shewe his wonderful miracle. ('List' is of ten used as a preterite, e-g. Leg. of Good 11'. 2249, Juno list nat at the feste be; Cant. T. B. 3709, fortune list no lenger The hye pryde of Nero to cheryce).

Destr. of Troy 2914, So longed this lady with lust to the Temple.

Ibid. 13505, Sore longet the lede lagher to wende.

Conf. Am. I 2876, Daniël was wonder loth.

Gesta Rom. p. 391, Euery man, that knewe here, lothcd here company.

Chaucer, Cant. T. F. 201, It was of Fairye as the peplc scmed.

O. E. Hom. I p 45, Jia wcs Sanctc Paul swi\e iva.

King Horn 121, Camb. MS., Ofte hadde hom beo wo.

Laud MS., Ofte hauede horn c/iiltl be wo.

Harl. MS., Ofte hade horn be wo.

Ibid. 291 C, jtc stuard was in herte wo. Other MSS. similar.

Ibid. 459 C, Horn in herte was ful wo. Other MSS. similar.

Bruce X 464, his fais thar-of was wa.

Emare 925, The kyng yn herte was full woo.

Ibid. 763, Then was [>e steivardcs herte wo.

Alexius Laud MS. 622,1 5II. [10 raas Alexius swijte woo.

Chaucer, Rom. Rose 312, was never wight yit half so wo.

Beves of Hamt. Manch. MS. 1357, Than was losyan woo I-nou,^e

Cursor Mundi 2473 C, |iat land to leind lot thoght best; F, G & T similar.

Ibid. 3312 C /«' sargant thoght it sclli queme; other texts similar. — See further

Ibid. 4549, 10245, 11091, 11445. 16159, 16345.

Chaucer, Troil. & Cris. V 1632, This Troilus this lettre thoughte al straunge.

34. Occasionally we find the verb accompanied by an