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Troil. & Cris. I 707, they han misaventure, And listen nought to seche hem other cure.

The new construction must have been quite familiar to Gower, too, for he employs it several times:

Conf. Am. III I, If thon the vices lest to knowe.

lbid. III in, She leste noght to loke.

Ibid. IV 3147, The woviman listen pleie.

Ibid. VII 4400, thei lest wenden, more sodeinly than doth the thunder.

78. An examination of 1 he Destrnction of Troy shows that by the end of the I4th century the D construction had also gained a firm footing in the Northern dialect. In this long-winded production list does not occur very often; stiil 1 have noted the following instances of the new construction.

2339, I shall telle you the trewthe hou me tyde euyn, And all the case how yt come know yf ye lyste.

2611, if ye list it be lefte let me wete sone.

4364, and again 4461, dem as ye list.

4644, my counsell is kyndly, kythe if ye list., cf. 4609 Kithe if you list.

5287, Take hym here tyt, & tent as ye list.

79. In the first half of the 15U1 century the new construction became extremely frequent; Lydgate's works, for instance are simply teeming with instances, as,

Temple of Glass 439'.>t' Hst to saue him.

Ibid. 447, And sijte je list... I shal... make him teschuwe evere synne & vice; je list further occurs Ibid. 470, 983, 1023.

Itlid. 1086, she list to appese — 924, he lust.

Reson & Sens. 607, Yf thou lyst wyrken as the sage, Begvnne anonne thy viage; thou lyst also in 3481, 4135 4155, 4228, 4641, 4684. 5063.

Ibid. 637, she ne lyst no lenger duelle; she lyst also in 875.

Ibid. 2046, He lyst no lenger take avys.

Ibid. 4568,ye wer to blame, That ye lyst declare hir name; ye lyst also in 5337, 5793, 5796. 5819. 6015, 6039, 6315. 6437.

Ibid. 6413, they lyst nat to aduerte.