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The A and B certificates

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19. What is to have a title to?

24. To pretend: pretentious, pretence, pretension.

What is the difference between these lasttwo words?

What other words (adjectives, nouns, verbs) are derived from the root tend?

4. Why must thou be used here?

11. Of course the clock may be taken as masculine.

What rules do you know for the personification of nouns?

12. Difference between afraid of and afraid for?

21. Do you know any other expressions in which it is an indefinite object as in to lord it ?

34. Difference between farther and further?

40. When is to used after to need, and when omitted?

51. Difference between to come to say and to come and say?


As I had expected, the weather was bad all day yesterday. At breakfast no news but (except) what was in the papers. Janssen had got over liis disappointment of yesterday, Mrs. Janssen and her daughter were talking busily with each 5 other, and were occupied with all sorts of notes and notebooks.

They had to go "to town" — that is to say, to Amsterdam; there and back before dinner!

"We dine at half-past six to-day", said Mrs. J.; "so you 10 gentlemen have a long day together and can talk to your heart's content."

"Bad weather, Mrs. J., for an expedition to town", I said.

"Come, come!" replied Janssen; "we have become country-people now: we don't mind the weather; the ladies 1 bmust go to Amsterdam, for the day after to-morrow we [shall] have some friends (people) to dinner, and my wife has some shopping to do. Vegetables are difficult to get here; there is hardly anything of the kind here."