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The A and B certificates

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22. Difference between to meet and to meet with?

24. Hand. — To have a hand in, the hands of a factory (on board a ship), an old hand at, first (second) hand, the last hand, note of hand, hour- (minute-, seconds-) hand, a hand of cards, elder (eldest) hand, younger (second) hand, to play into the hands of another, to force the hand of, to show one's hand, at hand, at the hands of, by hand, in hand, off hand, on hand, on one's hands, on all hands, on every hand, on [the] one hand, on the other hand, out of hand, to hand, under hand, come to hand, take in hand, bear a hand, force (a person's) hand, hold (one's) hand, join hands, kiss the hand, lay hands on, lend a hand, shake hands, try one's hand, wash one's hands of, have a hand in, show one's hand, change hands, make a hand, even hand, free hand, helping hand, loose hand, old hand, red hand, single hand, upper hand, left hand, overhand, right hand, clean hands, hand in, hand out, hands off! Hands up! hand over fist, hand over hand, hand and foot, hand in hand, hand to hand, hand and glove, many hands make light work.

2. When is the Accusative with the Infinitive not used after to hear .'

14. What other diminutive endings do you know besides ette, as in novelette!

15. Why does soliloquy take ies in the plural?

36. Why not I am not master of' myself?

46. How do you analyse the sentence beginning with Still I rememberi

53. How are adverbs formed from such adjectives as sly!

54. How many plurals has staff! And its derivatives?

32. Pronunciation of o before 1 in accented syllables, as in control?

47. In how many ways is because pronounced?