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the pied piper op hamelin.

Many years ago there was a plagne of rats ia Hamelin, a town in Brunswick. There were numhers and numbers of rats; they walked on the tables when people were atdinner, and snatcbe the food from their plates; when the babies wkere sleepingm their cradles, they came and gnawed the.r fingers they b t holes in shoes and stockings, and when the men wanted to po „n their Snnday-hats, they fonnd that the ratshad made their „psts in them Every day there seemed to be more rats than there had been the day before. At laat the people grew They sent a deputation to the Mayor and the council to teil thes gentlemen Jt they were to hnd a means o des ^ng h

~ rrïLrr:

poTble; if yen eannot do this, we shall have tohndanother

M*Z Cr^d «hëtuneil were sitting at the Townball; they did not know what to do. They disoussed the matter for hours, bnt nobody eonld find a means to get rid of the rats.

Suddenlv there was a knock at the door.

«Some L» cried the Mayor, and in came a very cunous

•i + v.1p and said- "I have heard that there is a p ague council-table and. saia. T v;n thpm all

of rats in this city. What will you give me if I kdl them all

beried the C0UnCil' "if y°U °0Uld d° '

cried the Mayor, «if you could do that, we would give 5 o ... H°«I guilders," said the piper.